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Raw Materials

We are the first and the only company in the world producing crunchy coconut. Our coconut product has longer shelf life, no rancid, crunchy, good aroma and texture. Our products do not have cholesterol, no colouring, no preservative, gluten free and high in fibre.

Coconut Chunk

Coconut chunk is big size coconut nugget around approximately thickness 5mm. With it good aroma, texture, crispy and crunchy characteristic it can be used as snack can be directly consumed or in chocolate coating industries. Coconut chunks come in 6 flavours - original, spicy, honey, caramel and black pepper and durian.

Coconut Crumble

Coconut crumble is residue of the coconut chunk. It is smaller in size with thickness around 3mm. It has good aroma and it can be used by the confectionery market. Some of our customers are use for producing chocolate bar, cookies, biscuits, cakes & etc.


Coconut Slice

Coconut slice is like coconut chips. Texture crunchy and good aroma. It can be used in confectionary, snacks, ingredients as well as topping for ice cream.

Coconut Flake

Coconut flake is also residue of the coconut chunk. It is smaller in size than coconut crumble. It is about same size of desiccated coconuts. It has good aroma and it can be used by the confectionary market. It can be used as topping for ice cream, yogurt and other similar products. It also can be used for making chocolate bar.


Coconut Chunk with Skin

A coconut chunks with skin are just exactly like other coconut chunks with thickness of 5mm. The only difference skin is not peel off due to the skin have one substance that call polyphenol which has antioxidant effect and good for beauty and health. It can consume directly as snack and chocolate coating industries.

Coconut Cube

Coconut cube is the smaller version of coconut chunk. Aroma and texture is like coconut chunks and the thickness of the coconut cube is 5 x 5mm. It can use to coat chocolate and chocolate bar industries.


Coconut Fine

Coconut fine is the smallest size. The texture is fine and good to use for confectionary and ingredients markets. it can use in cookies industries.

Coconut Popper

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Coconut Rice Puff

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