Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd



We are the pioneer in Malaysia to introduce, distribute and export unique world first great-tasting Deli Coco Coconut Chunks to local and foreign markets. It makes a delicious snack for people of all ages.

Apart from it being a mouth-watering snack, it is high in nutrients and zero in cholesterol. We are currently exporting our products to China, Australia, Thailand, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Korea.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the highest standards of manufacturing practice since the beginning. At the same time, we insist in providing the best and developing new products continuously.

Special attention and selection of only matured and good quality coconuts will be used to produce the Coconut Chinks.


The successful attainment of the GMP, HACCP, ISO22000 and FSSC22000, Mesti and Halal are the testimony of our firm, continuous commitment and drive for international quality excellence.